8 Reasons Why Life In The UAE Is Easier Than Anywhere Else In The World

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Say what you will; there's no denying we live the simple life here in the UAE.

Where new businesses, government, apps and service providers go above and beyond to make your life easier and convenient.

And it's pretty sweet.

Here are eight reasons why life in the UAE is easier than anywhere else in the world..

8. You will get food (delivered) 24/7

You can get your favourite snacks anytime of the day. 

From 7-Eleven for just under AED15 - to getting food delivered to your doorstep at 3am - it's pretty sorted here!

7. And the corner grocery store delivers too

Feeling peckish at 3am? Every block in Dubai has some sort of a 24/7 supermarket to deal with your late-night cravings. Simple.

6. Every building has maintenance 

 One massive bonus of living in apartments is that we all get maintenance on our flats. 

Broken AC? Call maintenance! 

Need a light bulb changed? Call maintenance! 

Something making a weird noise? They'll fix it! 

5. We have the CLEANEST public toilets in the world

Cleanliness makes Dubai what it is!

4. Taxis are ten to the dozen, and they're cheap too

Get where you want to go, without breaking the bank, what could be more simple.

3. And Dubai's straight forward public transport system is one of the best in the world

...And best of all, it's CLEAN!

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2. Valet parking is almost everywhere and usually for free

Going to a hotel? Valet is free. Going to a restaurant? Valet is free. Even hospitals here have valet! 

Going to the mall on a crowded day? Valet parking will just cost you around AED50. 

No need to think twice about parking your own car. 

1. One mobile brand makes your life so SIMple

From customising your own mobile plan, to changing it anytime you want, Virgin Mobile UAE is there to make your life easy without having to commit to any contract.

Virgin Mobile UAE will even deliver your SIM within an HOUR so you don’t even need to leave your house, office or hotel

And you wont even need to memorise your new number over and over again because Virgin Mobile UAE lets you transfer all your existing ten digits with a new VM sim card...Or totally revamp it with your very own customisation. 

It's really that SIMple. 

More info here

There you have it folks; the easy life

And thanks to Virgin Mobile UAE's new number portability feature, they've made switching to Virgin Mobile UAE super simple too.


Because you get to keep your old number!

When switching, you can simply choose ‘transfer my existing number’ in the Virgin Mobile app which then provides you with a temporary number until the transfer process is complete.

This will save you time and energy; simply download the app now to get started.

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