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You’ll Fall In Love With Dance Once Again At This Gripping Dubai Opera Show

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Visiting the theatre is a moving experience; the drama, the narrative, the costumes, and, of course, the talent!

And if you have never visited Dubai Opera before, Early Spring, which is a dance-drama coming to Dubai Opera this September, is guaranteed to spark your passion.

Because not only will it be a memorable night on the town, but you’ll also witness some jaw-dropping talent! The show is performed by Shanghai Opera House Dance Ensemble and it’s coming to Dubai for two nights only.

Tickets are limited: Secure you seats for Early Spring at Dubai Opera here.

Dubai Opera will come alive once again with a stunning set design and memorable show

You might already recognise the captivating plotline

Composed by Du Wei, the story was adapted from the critically acclaimed novel Early Spring in February, written by Rou Shi, in 1963.

The drama looks at the contradictions between the ideality and reality and is based in rural China in the 1920s. The tale notes the protagonist Xiao Jianqiu’s indifference to the culture.

A mirror of society today, gossip suppresses kindness and the story leads towards a tragic end. Prepare to be gripped from start to finish.

Your emotions will run high at this spectacular dance show

Adding to the drama of the theatre, you won’t find a performance venue more fitting to host this show. Taking place on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12, this is truly not to be missed!

And congrats to Dubai Opera! 650 shows and counting: Book your tickets now for a show at Dubai’s landmark performance venue.

The important bits:

When? September 11 and 12

Where? Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai

More info and tickets here

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