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6 Reasons The Merry Widow At Dubai Opera Is The Perfect Night Out For You And Your Mates

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Dubai is chock-a-block filled with activities, but some stand head and shoulders above the rest for being that little bit special.

And for a night that oozes sophistication, glamour, and most importantly FUN, there’s really only one place to turn.

It goes without saying how lucky we are to have Dubai Opera in town, and when a show arrives that’s perfect for a night out with your mates, it’s always deserving of a shout out.

Enter The Merry Widow: A rom-com operetta that promises you’ll leave with a spring in your step; think show-stopping set design and costumes, an incredible score (including the famous “Vilja Song”, the “Pavilion Duet” and “Lippen schweigen”) and a gripping story-line…

Here are six reasons The Merry Widow at Dubai Opera is the perfect night out for you and your mates

6. We all need a dose of European culture

The Merry Widow is a hilarious operetta and YES a visit counts as dipping your toes into European opera culture.

Composed by Hungarian composer Franz Lehár; think glamorous parties with wealthy aristocrats and outfits to match, and, most importantly, fantastic tunes galore composed by soloists, a chorus and ballet ensemble and orchestra of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre.

5. Dubai Opera as a venue needs no explanation

WHAT a theatre. There are a number of buildings in Dubai that you will never tire of seeing, and the Opera has the added bonus that it’s spectacular both inside and out.

Got a special occasion to mark? This is the musical you’ll genuinely have a ball at.

4. You deserve a night to LAUGH

The Merry Widow has a narrative that’s captivating, but better still, funny, a mix of comedy and uplifting tunes. You’ll love the characters from the moment the show starts, and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. What more could you want?

Belly laughs guaranteed.

3. ANY excuse to dress in black tie

Because suits and ties are beyond dapper and you KNOW you have a full length dress you never get to wear, a night at Dubai Opera is calling your name.

*It’s worth pointing out that Dubai Opera doesn’t have a dress code, dress as you please!

2. It’s the best people watching in town

Try and find a more fashionable crowd than an audience at Dubai Opera. We’ll wait.

1. The Merry Widow is about a rich woman who goes to lots of parties

She dresses amazing, she laughs all the time and she’s actually genuine goals, you need to see her in action.

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The important bits

The Merry Widow is performing at Dubai Opera from February 21 – 23

Tickets available here

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