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A New Shoe Has Just Been Released And It’s Actually Perfect For Any Runner On Any Surface

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The old saying goes, ‘a good craftsman never blames his tools.’

But who are we kidding, times have changed and when it comes to sportswear, serious athletes will tell you that while hard work and perseverance are top priority, the right equipment will make your journey a hella’ lot more comfortable.

Especially when it comes to running… a good trainer is KEY.

If you’re on the lookout for a pair that will change your running game, the just-released PulseBoost HD is ideal for runners of all levels. Combining cushioning that delivers stability without sacrificing energy return and comfort, this shoe is for every runner on every surface.

A game-changer.

Stylish, supportive and with an in-built QR code on the shoe tongue that unlocks a Spotify playlist, (unreal!) here’s why the PulseBoost HD is a complete game-changer

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Dubai is a mixed terrain city and the PulseBoost HD is designed for all

Track, park, desert or street… these shoes are built to help you explore your city. Making sure you’re in the best gear possible for your journey from A to B, or wherever your boosts take you.

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These are seriously slick trainers that don’t compromise on style

These days, it’s all about how slick your kicks look but too often the choice is either style or performance. Not here! For this shoe, adidas has designed a product that not only looks very cool (I mean, it’s adidas, you expect nothing less), they don’t sacrifice on performance.

MADE for any runner, check out all the latest Boosts here.

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You’ll notice the difference as soon as you slip these on

Not only are they beautiful, PulseBoost HD’s have been specially engineered to ensure your agility is complimented, these shoes respond to your movements and it’s comfort every step of the way… Like a glove for your feet!

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