This Home Grown Restaurant Is The Best Way You Can Try Emirati Cuisine If You Haven’t Already

A decision you won't regret

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How long have you been in Dubai? And have you tried Emirati cuisine? If your answer is no...then you need to be reading this with undivided attention.

The place you need to add to your list is Karak House. This home-grown concept gives expats, like you and me, a peek into the country's cuisine but with a twist of its own. It's a winner because:

1. You don't have to deal with a menu that leaves you clueless

Hand selected favourites from a typical Emirati home have been put on this menu, so you can be assured you're trying out the important stuff.

2. The traditional karak tea is given extra attention

Therefore the way it's served is a little special - think jars instead of glasses.

3. The interior exudes Emirati culture

There couldn't be a more appropriate setting for a modern Emirati meal than a place covered in warm colours and Arabic-inspired designs.

Now there's one more reason to visit...

An upgraded menu - 11 new dishes have earned themselves a place on the menu.

The main one is:

The lamb thareed - for the uninitiated, it is flaky, tender lamb braised with root vegetables paired with local rgaag (a crispy bread baked on a hot iron). The result: something so delish...this picture doesn't do justice. 

Lamb Thareed 1

Vegetarians don't fret yet...

You've got something to keep you company - the vegetarian harees. It has been given the same treatment like the meat one, so expect the dish to be cooked in clay pots in clay ovens. The flavours come from the right proportions of onion, garlic, chili flakes and fresh basil.

And they've taken care of breakfast too...

The childhood staple - eggs and tomato - gets a pinch of chilli and cumin now. But if you're in the mood to indulge, go all out with the almond French toast that is doused with fragrant rose and honey syrup or keep it simple with the fig Bircher muesli with granola that's made using some of the best things one could begin their day with like goji berries, cranberries and whipped yoghurt.

Baith Wa Tamat 1
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There's a new star joining the regulars

Alongside old dishes like the hummus platter (well-known for its unique flavours like beetroot and date avocado), the menu has a new biggie (in taste and presentation). Introducing the saffron and rose croissant pudding - a Nutella-laced croissant pudding decorated with delicate rose saffron petals and a pistachio crumble. 

Here are some other dishes that deserve a round of applause...

Avocado pomegranate rocket salad

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Pulled chicken sliders

Pulled Chicken Sliders 1

Shish taouk

Zesty Shish Taouk

To find out more...

Call Karak House on 04 551 6852.

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