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5 Stages Of Emotion You Go Through When Your Jam Comes On At A Club In Dubai

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Is there any better feeling, than your absolute favourite tune coming on when your out in Dubai?

Whether it’s Burn Out by Martin Garrix (shout-out to Axe for partnering with Garrix for this absolute TUUUUNE) to a hip hop banger, you hear it come on, and your heart overflows.

Next time you’re out, see if you go through all five when your jam comes on in the Dubai clubs….just like we do while listening to this smashing Martin Garrix X Axe tune.

(Check here!)

1. OMG is that what I think it is?

You hear vague tones of your jam, mixing in with the current track…could it be…your TUNE?!


Confirmation- it IS your tune, you KNEW it.

3. HURRY! Onto the d-floor to bust a move

You grab your pals, and drag everyone onto the dance-floor to show your best moves, whether rehearsed or not, it’s your TIME to dance, and you need to RUSH to get there before the first chorus.

4. Total euphoria

OMG I love it, chilllllls. When you’re on the dancefloor, bouncing away to your favourite song, and just feel all kinds of good. These are the days!

5. The end – OMG loved that so much

Kinda sad the song’s over, but on a total high. Now you’re ready to PARTY on, happy and relieved. WINNING.

Check Martin Garrix’s smash track Burn Out!

This will probably make you experience all five next time you’re out.

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