5 Things You Need To Know About The New Energy Drink Everyone's Talking About

Get an energised mojo for those late late nights

Epuri Energy Drink

Exhaustion is inevitable, and coffee isn't for everybody (big shock, I know), but this is when energy drinks come in to save the day.

The new energy-boosting, tri-flavoured drink, EPURI, is one to anticipate because it not only ups your mood but it shares the values of every creative individual around the globe.

And we stan that.

If EPURI sounds a little familiar to you, it's because..

1. EPURI is also the official sponsor for this year's RedFest DXB event

Camilla Cabello, G-Eazy and lots of other big names are coming to Dubai for two days, and it's all thanks to, of course, Virgin and EPURI for being one of the primary sponsors of the upcoming music festival, RedFest DXB.

The lineup is sick, sponsors are even cooler and since EPURI's part of it- it's going to infuse a whole 'lotta creativity.

2. It has three DELISH flavours that go with pretty much everything

To describe this as merely an 'energy drink' wouldn't be giving it justice because it's an all-around FAB party mixer too. With an already established name in Las Vegas and LA, EPURI's three flavours: pure, cola and cranberry have become a hit among the eclectic nightlife scene.

The three flavours vary from:

Pure: has a hint of vanilla, with a floral-scented sweetness that isn't overpowering even when mixed with something else.

Cranberry: is made with real cranberry juice and is both sweet and tangy at the same time. It pairs amazingly with bubbly or just ice, and there's even a recipe up of a 'Dubai' drink available online where the cranberry EPURI's flava truly stands out.

Cola: The cola flavour tastes quite like you'd imagine it be except there's less fizz- snazzy!


3. EPURI is a HUUUUGE supporter of the creative community

Gamers, fashionistas, collaborators, artists, musicians, lifestyle peeps and sports fans are all the people this brand fights for and surrounds in whatever it does.

It's quite refreshing to see that a brand is involved in its community, its audience in more ways than one by supporting local events, making BIG things like RedFest happen and even having a blog dedicated to sharing the stories of the creative community.

In short, it's like a warm hug in a can. Freezing can.

4. EPURI has even partnered up with big names in the events and nightlife scene (both in the West and here)

There's no question how much further this brand will reach due to its consistent and honest approach to supporting artists for other artists and bringing about an experience.

EPURI has partnered up with OHM, DV8 Nightclub in Hollywood, California and it even hosts "EPURI Nights" every Friday night.

As well, the brand has worked with Drais (the one in LA, not in Dubai *yet*), helped support fashions, artsy events and even as a comrade at home on the weekends.

5. EPURI is also available on Amazon

Even online global retailer, Amazon, now carries the energy on its website- readily available for the rest of the world to try its fizzy-cool taste.

Try it, or make sure you check out their stall at the RedFest DXB music festival next week and prepare to be ah-may-zed.

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