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This Has To Be One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Enjoy Iftar In Dubai

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The Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching and with it comes some of the most magnificent Iftars and Suhoors Dubai has to offer.

There is no shortage of venues to choose from to break your fast but if you’re looking for something especially beautiful, check out Fairmont The Palm and its glamourous Arabian tent.

If you’re not fawning over the elegant decor you’ll be wanting more of their delicious treats and dishes, whether it be the lavish Iftar buffet or the a la carte for Suhoor.

Fairuz Ramadan Tent Fairmont The Palm 2

Step into the Arabian themed ‘Fairuz’ Ramadan Tent which promises a breath-taking authentic experience. 

Here, at the already beautiful, Fairmont The Palm Hotel setting, the Fairuz Ramadan tent will be set within the stunning Palm Ballroom decorated in an Arabian style with Moroccan touches. 

With seating for up to 290 guests for Iftar, you can sit back and relax with family and friends all while taking in the sounds of a live Oud player and musical soundtrack of international Arabian singer, Fairuz.

A rather special Ramadan experience, expect delectable traditional delights, indulgent desserts and lavish date displays every night of the week.  


An Arabian courtyard will host Suhoor until the early hours of the morning.

Enjoy picturesque al-fresco dining, ‘secret-garden’ style, with delicious mezze and flavourful shisha and Arabic teas while awaiting the sunrise. With seating for 120 guests this shouldn’t be missed.

Fairuz Ramadan Tent Fairmont The Palm

Iftar will set you back AED175 with children 6-12 yrs getting 50% off, and kids under 6 going for FREE.

The Arabian Courtyard al fresco dining is based on an a la carte menu and shisha starts at 90 AED.

This is an experience not to be missed. 

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