This Popular Seaside Friday Brunch At The Palm Just Got Better Thanks To A Couple Of Upgrades

This is brunching on another level.

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We're in Dubai, and it's hot but we all know, it's about to get warmer.

Doesn't a Friday brunch by the pool, beach, some mouth-watering seafood, and free-flowing bevvies for FIVE hours straight sound epic? Summers can be quite dehydrating but seems like the recipe to cure it has been discovered.

Fortunately, Seagrill Bistro at Fairmont The Palm is ready to welcome you this summer, but this time with some added BENEFITS from spa treatment giveaways to pool and beach access, a live DJ and extended brunch hours.

Keep reading loyal Dubai brunch-ers, cus this weekend brunch is defo going to help beat the heat.

1. Longer brunch hours and DELICIOUS a la carte international dishes

...which means you'll now get to stay from 12.30pm to 5pm.

If you've always wished for a brunch to last longer, your dreams have just come true.

An extra hour had been added onto Seagrill Bistro's timings, meaning there's more time to sip on your frozen margaritas and keep munching on an array of hearty food.

Seagrill Bistro's sharing dishes consist of Mediterranean and European influence, meaning you'll be THAT foodie snapping up photos before taking a bite.

Devour indescribable shucked oysters- specially prepared from the Chef's selection, with that oozing mignonette, fresh lemon and cocktail sauce. Or how 'bout some lobster linguini, seafood risotto or good 'ole-fashioned Striploin steak (perfect for the meat lovers.)

2. Gain access to the pool AND beach

Dubai Marina is known for having THE best skyline views of the city, so some food, drinks AND a 'grammable pool/beach moment is another added bonus. Dip your toes in the sand or lay and tan by the pool, whatever you choose.


Brunch-goers will be given COMPLIMENTARY access to the pool and beach from 10 am to soak up that summer glow fully.

3. Drink to your heart's content thanks to the free-flowing menu of bevvies available

What's brunch without the unlimited free-flow? A boring one, that's what.

Gone are the days when chugging a few drinks during the final hour was a thing.

Seagrill Bistro's drinks menu is one to experience, since it includes fun frozen mocktails and fresh-tasting cocktails, with fruity drinks- perfect for a cooling off!

4. Jam along to the live DJ and hype up that brunch!

Release your inner dance god or goddess by jamming to the indoor live DJ's FAB beats as you view Dubai Marina's gorgeous skyline.

Dj Timo

5. Every Friday, ONE lucky brunch-er can win a FREE spa treatment

Who knew going out on a Friday could give you the chance at a cooling spa treatment at the hotel's Willow Stream Spa?

Well, at this BRUNCH- you definitely could.

All you have to do is attend, and your name will be put up for the raffle.


The important bits:

Seagrill Bistro's Friday brunch will run from June 7 until August 30 at Fairmont The Palm.

How much? From AED 345 per person inclusive of pool & beach access

For reservations, please call 04 457 3457 or email

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