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You Can Learn How To BUILD Robots At A Cool Centre In The Heart Of Dubai

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Dubai is obsessed with robots, it’s probably why we have Robocops in Dubai. Have you ever wondered how to make robots of your own? Worry not, the solution isn’t far!

Fun Robotics is a robotics and STEM/STEAM education centre in Dubai.

Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEM) together to a classroom with lots of fun.

They offer courses for kids, youngsters and adults which are based on artificial intelligent (AI), robotics, app inventing, programming, 3D modelling and printing, application development, coding and more.

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Courses and training

Courses for kids are taught in a similar form to school terms, which are three per year. Also, camps are offered which take place in summer, winter and spring. For adults and teachers, courses are offered per request.

Corporate Activities and Training

Apart from courses, Fun Robotics also provides corporate training and team building activities for companies. Topics include Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, Arduino, 3D printing and more.

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The deets

Location – Safestway Building, Sheikh Zayed Road.

For queries, call 04 338 8354 or email fun@fun-robotics.com

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