There's A HUGE Car Boot Sale That Is Perfect For Buying And Selling Pre-Loved Goods And It's An Absolute Hoot

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There's a huge new car boot happening every Friday, and it's in the Global Village carpark - making it cheap and easy to offload your second-hand stuff, or giving you a HUGE offering of pre-loved goods to buy. 

Dubai is transient in nature, so it can be difficult to offload belongings, and the lack of vintage stores here makes it hard to find pre-loved gems. 

Luckily, this car boot sale is making it easy for EVERYONE. 

It's a bargain to sell at 

The largest car boot sale is taking place in the car park of Global Village, where interested sellers must reserve a spot for AED150 for the entire day. 

And interested buyers can roam around the car park for free while bargaining for items. 

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There's all kinds of stuff for sale 

If you're looking to buy and sell, most items being sold at the car park sale are second-hand items - unwanted toys, clothes, books etc...

But don't worry you can find new items too - handmade crafts, toys, sweets, collectives, clothes and other products. 

Also, no need to grab wads of cash to the car park, you can find ATM facilities on location. 

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There are plenty of food and drink stands

Quench your thirst and fill your tummy with delicious food and drink stands near the car park. 

Global Village is all about the street food, so of course there are plenty of delicious options available to keep your belly full. 

A fun event for everyone to enjoy, this bargaining adventure is perfect for every member of your family. 

It's practically a fun road-trip, flea market and unique event all wrapped up in one location.

The deets 

The largest car boot sale is taking place every Friday in Parking Lot A at Global Village, from 1pm until 5pm. 

Interested sellers must reserve a spot online at for AED150 - which is for the entire day. 

It will continue until the end of Season 22.

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