If You Love Epic Funfairs: You Need to Visit Carnaval In Global Village Immediately

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Brace yourselves people of Dubai: there is an EPIC carnaval happening at Global Village and it's seriously fun for all ages.

Ever tried a drop tower before? Well, the tallest in the region is at Global Village, along with a ferris wheel, a roller-coaster, a circus and nearly 30, yup THIRTY rides that all look part terrifying, part thrilling.

Dubai, are you ready for one AH-MAYZING carnaval?

Seriously - there are more than 30 CRAZY rides, 25 skill games, and over a hundred arcade games

Along with an epic outdoor trampoline jumping area, ‘New York Jump’ which is coming soon. If you loved bouncy castles and trampolines as a kid, consider this as a NEXT LEVEL jump park.


For those who dare

Carnaval brings Global Burj to town, the ultimate drop tower thrill ride which soars to 85m (gulp) and is the TALLEST in the region.

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Ready for this

And how magical is this ferris wheel!

The 'Circus Circus' is the ONLY traditional Circus in the region

If you've never experienced the magic of a circus - now's the time!



The important bits

Global Village is open from 4pm to 12am from Saturday to Wednesday and from 4pm to 1pm on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays.

On Mondays, it is dedicated to families and women only.

Entry is AED15

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