Global Village Has FREE World Class Entertainment: And This Year It's Better Than Ever

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There is a reason Global Village is the world-leading multicultural festival and why year-on-year people make a return journey to one of the best places in Dubai!

From the moment you walk in - you feel the excitement of entering an amazing festival park.

With stage shows, celeb appearances and the superloop stunt show, (to highlight just a few) Global Village is non-stop! With 150+ dining experiences, 20,000+ shows, prepare for a super fun day out from the word 'GO'.

Roll up ladies and gents: Global Village is BACK and the entertainment is better than ever!

The first stunt show in the world with a permanent “Loop de Loop”

Hold your breath and watch this stunt show directed by world record breaker Terry Grant, this includes a stunt from a terrifying three-storey building.

This year the brand new Bollywood Show takes centre stage

This is totally unique to Global Village - which means it's the ONLY place you can catch this incredible Bollywood production. Cast in Mumbai, experience the vivid colours and performance Bollywood is famed for, with high production scenery, costumes and props. Not to be missed!

There are SO many other stage shows for you to check out

First off, there's an entertaining Box Car Capers for everyone who loves a laugh, and another fabulous Elemental Show (a visually stunning show that's not to be missed).

PLUS an incredible Lake Show will take your breath away

The underwater LED experience Lake Show is an unreal experience featuring a record breaking underwater LED screen, swings, jets and fountains; HOW exciting does all of this sound?!

You get to see some INCREDIBLE performances from international artists EVERY FRIDAY for just AED15

Jason Derulo recently performed at Global Village! And there are more to come. EVERY weekend you'll find a new performer take the stage, and you only pay entry fee (AED15) to join the fun.

Feeling festive: this is where everything goes down

Global Village likes its celebrations fancy...and INCREDIBLY festive.

Check out its EPIC National Day celebrations...and this is exactly where a MAGICAL winter festival is currently going on.


Celebration Walk - Brand new to the scene and 100% worth visiting if you haven't already

Globo is becoming a musical!

Globo the Adventurer, who we all know and love, is becoming a musical! Learn more about your favourite adventurer at the new musical show that features a custom video, super fun coloured scenery, a full soundtrack and fun characters you might remember from the last three seasons.

There's also a new kids theatre, featuring entertainment and shows for kids of all ages, it's a hub for kids entertainment; you'll find Globo, loads of games, fun workshops and more.

Global Village has street entertainment like no other

If you don't make it to a show, you'll still find plenty of laughs on the streets. Global Village is famed for some over the top street performers; watch out for jugglers on unicycles, statues, musicians, Ollie the Ostrich and the super cute Pajama Bears.

And if you're very lucky you'll catch Bollywood flash mobs on the Global Village streets. EPIC!

Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.