Global Village Is Becoming A Kids' Paradise This Month

With the 20-day long Kids Fest

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Every year we look forward to Global Village opening as the weather cools. 

We can't wait to see the new facades from each of the countries and what the new structures look like. 

We go with friends and family, shop, eat and go on the rides, maybe even a concert. 

It has been going on for 21 years now, and it's always a good day out. 

Every time we go, it's like a magical wonderland, and now, it's becoming even more of a children's dreamland with the 20-day long Kids Fest happening until February 25. 

Kids Fest Logo 01

The attractions

While visiting the set up - meandering through the grounds, it's an explosion of colours and sounds. We went straight for the Roman Ampitheatre which is the Kids Fest hub.

One of the most exciting things for children* is the Angry Birds doing a meet and greet. 

(*And us)

The movie stars are exclusively available at Global Village and everyone can see the performances and get a photo. 

Angry Birds
Kids Angry Birds

The Angry Birds bob about, performing for children, taking photos and waving to onlookers. 

Everyone can meet Red, Chuck and Bomb - the three stars of the Angry Birds movie.

While you're at the Ampitheatre (getting your photos with the Angry Birds) you can take the children to see the brilliant circus performers or our personal favourite - the inflatable obstacle course.

It's ideal for children to burn off some excess energy, and get a bit of exercise

Globo Bouncy Castle

We loved getting involved with the Global Show Academy - a dance workshop for 'children' (and some adults - we were loving it, grooving at the back).

Kids are taught how to dance, and some were invited to participate onstage. We sadly didn't quite make the cut, but plenty of the children did, and loved it. 

The Global Show Academy is on daily, so nobody will miss out. 

There are loads of different performances and guest appearances happening at Kids Fest.

Characters from Emirati show, Shaabiyat Al Cartoon will be putting on hilarious performances. 

Shaabiat Al Cartoon

And dance squad City Jam will be performing daily, which is an epic spectacle 

The best part, the whole lot is included in your Global Village AED15 entry fee, so you won't have to pay any extra. 

Global Village

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