If You Haven't Seen The Monster Stunt Show At Global Village Then You're Missing Out

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IF you haven't seen the Monster Stunt Show are Global Village you're genuinely missing out.

People venture back and forth to Global Village year on year, and the reasons are plenty; with an epic array of shopping outlets, an ultimate foodie adventure at your finger tips and weekly shows and fireworks displays...but this year they've got something extra up their sleeve and you shouldn't miss it.

The Monster Stunt Show is back 

This show is jam-packed with action

It revolves around a thrilling story line (we won't give it away) and includes mad fight scenes, drifting cars, stunt bikers that reach jaw-dropping heights, quad bikes and... a monster truck! 

But until you hear the roar of this beast, you won't understand the thrill...

A dedicated arena is in place

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From kids to older folks; this is something for all ages

The 30 minute show plays between four and five times daily and a trip to Global Village is not complete without a visit to the stunt arena where the show takes place.

While you're there, enjoy everything Global Village has to offer

What are the deets?

See the full events calendar with show times here

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