5 Reasons Why Global Village Is The Complete Global Foodie Adventure

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Global Village is known as the ultimate foodie adventure with good reason.

Nowhere else in Dubai can you get a taste from every corner of the world in one space. Seriously, there are little foodie treats tucked away throughout the leading park, so when you visit this year do not skip out on all the epic foodie offerings!

Some are easy to find, others are hidden gems; here's EVERYTHING you need to know about food in Global Village

1. The FAB floating market

This is BEAUTIFUL to look at and it feels like a foodie adventure in another world. 14 boats tied together on a Dubai canal made up of 28 shops and four standalone kiosks and within, you can eat your way around the world. SO much fun!

2. Flying candy floss and ice cream rolls

This is as much fun as it sounds! Whatever age you are, EVERYONE loves candy floss! Global village has flying cotton candy and the biggest cotton candy show in Dubai. This is a total sweet tooth treat, with milkshakes, cakes, hot choc, ice cream rolls and lots of Globo the Adventurer merch.

3. Every year the park welcomes lots of new international eats for you to try

Ever tried Uzbeki food? Well, let us tell you it's AMAZING and you can get a proper taster at brand new Plov7, there's also a mozzarella LAB at Mozzarella21, where they have the skill of cooking fresh mozzarella down to a T.

Coffee lovers rejoice, get your caffeine fix at Retro 7 where you'll find loads of unique kinds of coffee.

4. There's something for everyone at Global Village

Tuck into Emirati, Pakistan, American and everything in between. There is something for EVERYONE here.

5. There are crazy fun street food concepts all in the same place

Ever tried X Long fries, Zombie Donuts or Bunny Chow? Be adventurous and try the lot on your next visit!?

Waffly Pops..yummmmmmmm

The 'grammable chicken in a waffle is THE BEST

All this and more is on at Global Village and is just AED15 to enter per person

See the full info and all the pavilions, and buy tickets for Global Village at globalvillage.ae

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