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The App You Absolutely Need to Have Before Any International Trip

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Think back to the time you went on a holiday with your BFFs. What do you remember? Days spent lounging on a sunbed by the pool, posing in front of top tourist spots and the crazy shopping sprees.

Now let’s go back to what you don’t want to remember. Bet it’s those annoying moments coordinating the trip and making sure everyone is on the same page. Who’s booked what flight? Problems collecting payments. Lots of holiday photos what you don’t want to share on Facebook but everyone won’t see them otherwise. 

You had these issues because there wasn’t an app like GrupTrip

Say goodbye to all that drama because this gem of an app is going to make life easy for you. There are three fab things about GrupTrip, and though we’ll tell you more about it…you can try it out yourself. 

It’s available for iPhone and Android (psst…it’s free to download).

1. The Group Travel Planner comes to your rescue

You won’t have to send emails back and forth trying to figure out what everyone’s going to do on the trip. The group planner is where everyone can share their suggestions of what they want to do and agree collectively on a trip itinerary. If at any point during the trip plans change, it can always be updated here for everyone to see.

2. The Trip Payment Tracker is your personal finance manager

The most stressful thing about a holiday is the speed at which money leaves the pockets. Any help to manage that aspect is always welcome. This feature is like a virtual accountant helping you keep track of every payment made. That’s not it! If your friends decide to pay for your lunch or you pay for their dinner and you need someone to figure out who owes who what amount…GrupTrip will do the math.

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3. The Photos Sharing Album is what we all need

There’s no need to beg your mates to send you pictures on WhatsApp. The sharing album gives every person access to all the photos taken by each traveller through the trip. This keeps everyone happy, doesn’t it?

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Still not sure how GrupTrip works?

Check out this short video.

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