Beautiful Dubai Burgers: Hats Off To Hardee's For Building This Perfect Creation

Dribble, dribble, drool, drool

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Be warned: you may be about to drool allllll over your keyboard - because there’s a new burger in town and it has not one, but TWO types of chicken.

Hardee's has just announced the launch of Firehouse Chicken, and it's filled with slow-cooked quality meaty perfection.

The epic creation comes complete with a Santa Fe chicken patty PLUS hand-pulled BBQ chicken on top. And of course, it comes with tons of pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, pepper mayo dressing and BBQ sauce. 

Shout out to Hardee's; not only have they brought the all-American burger experience to Dubai, but with the Firehouse Chicken, they’ve created something both affordable and beautiful.

Introducing: the Firehouse Chicken Burger

Slowly cooked to perfection hand-pulled spicy BBQ chicken, all time favourite Santa Fe chicken fillet, BBQ sauce, black pepper mayo and pepper jack cheese

Yup, burgers can be beautiful....

In Dubai, we’re faced with endless lunch and dinner choices..

The Firehouse Chicken Burger is just what you need for a fast lunch on the go, or even for a cozy night in.

Either way; it’s burger bliss.

Where and how much?

You can order online NOW

The Firehouse Chicken burger costs just AED23, or the combo costs AED32

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