This New Addition To Hardee’s Menu Is Definitely A Game-Changer


We're all familiar with Hardee’s for bringing its A-game to the table - Famed for their unique and innovative new product launches, and their DE-LISH burgers like the Mushroom N’ Swiss, Super Star and signature curly fries.

If you're a true Hardee's fan, you'll also know that there's NOTHING like that first bite of the Santa Fe Chicken or that first sip of their Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes™. So, it comes as no surprise as to why it's been a staple in the Gulf for some time now.

They've been proudly serving their customers with craveable menu items and impossible to ignore flavours since 1981 when the first Hardee’s restaurant opened in Kuwait.

But you have to catch your breath for the following news of a lifetime...

Shrimps are now part of Hardee's AHH-may-zing menu


On your trip to Hardee's, don’t miss out on their DELISH shrimp- have it as a combo meal or even as an add-on.

This IS definitely going to be a summer favourite

Prepare yourself for the gobble of a lifetime.

Pair it with Dynamite sauce OR a Black Pepper Mayo sauce for a WIIIILD burst of flayva

There's no other way around it

Are you down for this?

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Shereen Ahmed

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