YYAAASSS: You Can Get Up To 10% Back On ALL Your Shopping

Your daily coffee, Netflix, Namshi, Souq.... EV-VERY-THINGGGGG

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If you want to live your best life listen up, there is a way you can shop till you drop and travel, WITHOUT blowing your budget, but it involves getting smart about banking.

There are plenty of banks offering credit cards, but FINALLY there's one for people who love to travel (yup), people who shop regularly online, (yup, sorry, not sorry)...so, basically anyone with access to a smart phone.

For an uncomplicated credit card, that'll get you ah-mayyyzing discounts and access to up to 20 international airport lounges, (hurrah!) you NEED Plat X by Standard Chartered in your life.

Want up to 10% cashback? Here are three spots you can get it

3. Get up to 10% cashback on EVERYTHING you buy online


You know all that money you spend on food delivery? (No shame, we're with you)... Now it's like you're being PAID to eat, and we're here for it!

Not just food; think Netflix, all app purchases and those shopping carts you fill on Namshi, Souq, noon, and Sephora; basically any online purchase you can think of is covered... DREAM!

*You can get up to AED400 cashback/month on all your AED online purchases and bill payments made with your mobile, laptop or tablet.

2. Here's an excuse to ramp up your digital wallet use (hello Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay)

Meet friends at your local, hit brunch on a Friday or grab a lavish breakfast on Saturday... if the venue accepts digital wallets, you're about to get up to 10% back on everything you spend there too.

*You can get up to AED200 cashback/month on purchases made with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

1. When the moment comes when you FINALLY get to live your best life and TRAVEL THE WORLD, you can get up to 10% back on anything you buy overseas

So, save your bucks on numbers three and two, then you can finally travel the world AND get up to 10% back... Plat X, you're a real one.

*You can get up to AED400 cashback/month on all non-AED purchases.

Shout out to Plat X

Get the full run-down of all the offers available with Plat X here

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