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An Amazing New Service Is Making Hiring Full-Time Maids And Nannies The EASIEST

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Let’s be honest, our lives in this emirate are so freaking hectic, we HAVE to be dependent on domestic helps and nannies for bringing some order into our homes. 

Whether it’s helping out with household chores, preparing meals or caring for the little one, it’s always good to have an extra set of hands. 

But, most of the time, it’s actually not as easy as it sounds. 

First off, finding a helper is a challenge from the get go, and there is always that small risk factor involved. There is paperwork, vetting candidates, and who knows how long you’re committed for. 

This was until Maids.cc, the UAE’s largest full-time maid and nanny recruitment agency, came into play.

Maids.cc is convenient and risk-free

By combining the promise of technology with exceptional customer service, Maids.cc is redefining full-time maid and nanny recruitment across the UAE

The hiring has actually become SO easy, it’s just three simple steps:

1.You visit Maids.cc offices. 

2. You interview several candidates IN PERSON before choosing the one. Feel free to bring your children
along, too, to see how they interact with the maids!

3. You take your maid/nanny home the VERY same day.

No, this is NOT a drill. 

Why it’s the best service in town

To start with, all the nannies and maids are professionally trained. Plus, since they remain on the company visa, you DON’T have to get involved in any kind of government paperwork for them. 

From the residency permit and Emirates ID to health insurance and travel expenses—everything is taken care of by the company. And, if you’re not happy with your
maid for any reason, you get an IMMEDIATE replacement. No fuss. No fury.

Also, you get an advantage over other services by meeting and interviewing the person face-to-face. How cool is that?

So, in a nutshell, the perks include: 

1. ZERO Government Paperwork 
2. FACE-to-FACE Interviews 
3. SAME DAY Recruitment 
4. ZERO Risk: FREE and IMMEDIATE Replacements 

Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Don’t want to make the trip until
you’ve had a better feel for the candidates available? No problem…

With Maids.cc’s unique
Messenger Bot’ service, you can
simply visit the company’s Facebook
 and answer a few short questions about your preferences, such as the
desired skill-set (child care, cooking, etc.) and preferred background.

Based on your answers, these super
intuitive bots will narrow down a list of candidates for you– but it doesn’t end
there. You can then watch video
of the shortlisted candidates before
you head down to Maids.cc offices to meet them in person.

It’s really that simple. And the
best part? You can ask a question or leave a comment at any point during the

Important deets to know

For a long-term contract (i.e more than five months) for a Filipina nanny-skilled maid, you pay a one-time same-day recruitment fee and then a flat rate of AED 3,500 per month

Meanwhile, for a long-term contract for an Ethiopian maid, you pay a one-time same-day recruitment fee and then a flat rate of AED 2,300 per month.

Moreover, you can terminate the contract at your own will without any penalty fees. In that case, you’d only have to provide a month’s notice period. And short-term options are also available.

Told ya, when we were saying it’s hassle-free, we weren’t kidding!

For further details and enquiries,visit
www.maids.cc or call 04 247 9100.

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