A Dubai Mall Resto Has Created The Mother Of All Burgers And You NEED To Try It

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If you love burgers (and who doesn't?), there's a new glorious burger in town, one that mixes local flavour with traditional burger patty and, for ONCE, it's a unique dish we reckon you haven't tried.

The patty itself is a mix of camel meat and beef wagyu, it comes with piquant date mayonnaise (this is mayo HEAVEN), and one bite in you'll be thinking, "where have you been all my life?". Created by the chefs at Hurricane's Grill, Dubai Mall, you 100% need to try this!

Introducing: The camel wagyu fusion burgers at Hurricane's Grill

Here's why you need it in your life...

4. Size matters!

At Hurricane's Grill they don't do burgers by halves; The camel wagyu fusion burger itself comes in at 300g and The Challenger Camel Wagyu Fusion burger is a sizeable 600g (scroll down for more details on this beast).

And like the rest of the menu at Hurricane’s, it's phenomenal value for money. The classic beef burgers start at AED55 and the fusion burger range starts from 75 AED for the 300g Classic, topping out at 105 AED for the 600g Challenger.

There are now 40 burgers to choose from, ranging from prime beef and free-range chicken to wagyu and some great veggie options too.

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3. Dubai doesn't follow food trends, Dubai MAKES food trends

This unusual burger combo is a tribute to local flavour; the camel meat is locally sourced and the homemade date mayo is made especially.

Forget the era of freak-shakes, the latest food trend supports quality and burger buffs are going to be all over this beauty.

2. NOT just a juicy burger, it comes topped with ALL the good stuff

As well as coming dripping in piquant date mayonnaise, you can have this burger whichever way you like.

Choose classic plain or classic cheese, get it drenched in one of Hurricane's home-made sauces and topped with deluxe blue cheese, caramelized truffle onion, or mushroom and mustard..are you droooling yet?!

Plus, camel meat is lower in cholesterol, meaning it's a leaner choice, and you'll feel slightly less of the guilt when chowing down.

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1. Like burgers? Prepare for The Challenger

300g is a sizeable burger, but if you want to up your protein gainz... or simply take part in a delish food challenge, make yourself comfortable and order The Challenger:

A mighty 600g beast topped with cheddar cheese, mushroom sauce and burger onion. YUM.

The important bits:

Find Hurricane’s Grill on the Lower Ground, The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue

Call 04 283 1339 for more info

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