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There’s Less Than A Week Left Until Jo Koy Stops At Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena For His World Tour

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If there’s one thing Jo Koy’s good at, it’s portraying stereotypes in a way that’s otherworldly hilarious.

Dubai is already excited for his upcoming Just Kidding World Tour at Coca-Cola Arena on January 20th, 2020, and if you’ve yet to get your tickets- there’s still a chance.

Well, the last chance is NOW and we’re sure fans would defo not want to miss out. This is the Filipino-American comedian’s first visit to Dubai and the hype for his show at Coca-Cola Arena has people ready to be laughing. ALL. NIGHT.LONG.

If you’ve seen the Netflix show, prepare to be among the audience for his first-ever show in the region

And hey, Jo Koy is the comedian for every race, region and generation.

All you have to do is type his name on Netflix or YouTube, watch a single joke and you’ll get what we mean. Otherwise, if you’re already a fan of the dude, hearing his hilarious impressions and accents in person will be, in short, legendary.

Start your 2020 on a positive (and amusing) note!

The deets:

When? January 20th, 2020

Where? Coca-Cola Arena

Tickets are already on sale.

Ticket prices will range from AED195 – AED695 and will be available to purchase at www.coca-cola-arena.com

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