This Is The Month To Give Back To The Unsung Delivery Heroes

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Dubai is positively fervent about food delivery.

Residents tap popular take-out apps for breakfast, lunch and dinner and our roads are chock-a-block filled with drivers on mopeds, committed to delivering your food on time.

The unsung heroes in this story? The deliverymen. The thousands who work in rain, hail or shine (in Dubai, this usually means much-too-much shine with temperatures sometimes nearing 50C) to bring you your food, and KFC, the world's largest chicken restaurant, is saying thank you.

This month KFC is giving back to delivery drivers in Dubai and across the region and it should make you think


Too often we get takeout without considering the person delivering it

KFC is handing out small tokens of appreciation for its drivers, by gifting them with a 'Coolness Kit' when they arrive for pickup, marking Colonel Sander's 128th birthday with a positive gesture that's so fitting for Dubai.

'Acts of Colonel-ness' are acts that inspire change within the community. If this act by the people at KFC reminds you to be generous in your thoughts and actions, then their job is done.

The Kit

This is not just one day of good deeds

Teams across the KFC family in the region, from here in the UAE to KSA and Egypt are recognising the efforts of food delivery men.

The deliverymen who arrive for pick up at KFC flagships will receive the kit and this will continue until the end of the year - providing all food delivery drivers with cool refreshments when they arrive in all stores for their pickups.

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We can all give back in our own way

The 'coolness kits' include cooling products, boosting refreshment and a thank you note, but the point of the campaign is to encourage others to give back too.

A simple thank you, some cheer, or a drink for your driver are simple ways you can say thanks.

Think about it!

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