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5 Kinds Of Characters That Come Out During Every Family Board Game

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Ah playing games with the family always brings out some interesting characteristics in people. 

And you’ll likely see plenty of these guys out at Wafi Mall this coming weekend, thanks to the Hasbro Gaming Challenge.

There will be Connect4, Battleship, Operation and Connect4 Basketball – all CLASSICS. 

And with the classics, comes the winners, the losers and everything in between. 

Here are five of the types of people you’ll see at WAFI this weekend… 

1. The hyper-competitive one

Loud, aggressive and unable to let anything slide. Usually the one who loses and storms off sulking…or insufferable when they win! Every game, every time – is war.

2. The stickler for the rules 

No you will not get around the stipulated rules in the manual. You must follow every specification in the rule book when playing with this guy – even if there are game parts missing. 

They usually like to upset the game by introducing a new rule half way through too. 

3. The quiet loser

They don’t say much, as they slowly fall farther and farther behind in the game. This poor guy just can’t catch a break and is always on the receiving end, and gets quieter and quieter, just emitting the odd ‘sigh’ until giving in. 

4. The one who just doesn’t understand the rules

Usually saying ‘wait…what?’ and just can’t seem to grasp the concept of even the most simple game. 

5. The cheeky cheater 

You know the one, who tries to get a few steps ahead every time anyone is looking away. They giggle when the jig is up, and it’s all in good fun – but keep an eye on this shifty one! 

No matter which one you are, you’ll have a HOOT down at Wafi Mall, so don’t miss out! 

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