This New Video Series Shows Dubai Foodie Scene Like Never Before

Don't blame us if the video makes you hungry

Ever been fascinated by all the action in a show kitchen? Be it the chefs busy at their stations or the sound of stuff sizzling in pans and of course a glimpse of all those exotic ingredients in sight. And then perhaps wondered what it would be like in the (covered) kitchens of those restaurants that dish out some of the finest meals around.

Thankfully, there’s nothing left to the imagination with Kitchens of Dubai capturing it all for us

The series brings to life stories from some of the top kitchens in the city. The visual behind-the-scenes journey from pan to plate captures different elements that make the perfect dish – we’re talking ingredients, preparation techniques and even skilled chefs along with their teams.

Grilling stories 

The first show captures the splendour of the Brazilian Churrascaria. These kind of restaurants are popular for its eat-as-much-as-you-can offering of grilled meat. The serving style is unique with waiters moving around with skewers and slicing meat onto the diners’ plates.

The video highlights the simplicity of the grilling process using each of its three main elements - heat, moisture and flavour – as a theme for the meaty display being put up.

The location

Chamas Churrascaria at Crowne Plaza sets the stage for the show with sous chef Larissa Mazzoli directing the act. With six years of experience behind her, the subjects are in safe hands.


The stars

Stealing the show are the ribs, Picanha (the prized Brazilian cut) and Wagyu.


Act one

The importance of moisture is explored with raw ribs rubbed with rock salt and put in the oven for 15 minutes. The addition of water or liquid is crucial before the next process, which is three to six hours of slow cooking. Chef Larissa knows the tricks and adds 500 ml of water to 10 kg of ribs to create that juicy and hard-to-resist piece of meat.


Act two

The challenge here is determining for how long and at what temperature the Picanha cut is to be cooked at. It’s a play of temperatures with chef Larissa kicking off the process with high temperatures on the lower grill and then shifting to the middle grill for a prolonged round of cooking.


Act three

If you’re looking for a flavourful bite, trust chef Larissa when she recommends grilling with Grade 5 Wagyu. Anything higher than that will result in fat deposits on the charcoal and a loss of flavour.


In conclusion

The show, available on Okuloop in YouTube and Vimeo, highlights the Brazilian grilling experience as a must for meat-lovers and we couldn't agree more!

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