7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Hit Up L'Artisan Du Burger This Weekend

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The 'best burger in Dubai' is a tricky subject to broach.

EVERYONE has an opinion.

And while you probably have your favourites, an eatery with credentials (there are already eight thriving branches in France) has just arrived, fresh off the boat from one of the world's foodie capitals.

Barely poking its nose onto the Dubai foodie scene (it's only two weeks old) it may not be on your radar YET, but if you're a fan of finger-licking good burgers, it needs to be.

A visit there proves one thing; L'Artisan Du Burger can serve up one beautiful burger. Here's why it's worth a visit

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7. Buns, glorious guns

Shame on you if you're not impressed that I started this post by talking about the humble bun.

Because the bun is humble no more.

Being a slave to the 'gram I opted for the squid ink black bun topped with Nigella seeds, (AED5 extra) but tried the regular buns too. They were light, fresh (made in store daily) and don't take over, simply the perfect vessel for your delish' burger to get to your mouth, which is all anyone really wants, right?

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6. A sweet spot for a sweet treat if you're in Dubai Mall

Before we get to the main event (the burgerrrrrs!) lets talk about the desserts.

You can either go light with a dreamy vanilla panna cotta, or rich with a dark and creamy mousse.

Finish off with a strong cup of coffee, ('cos, caffeine) which you'll need to get back on your feet after the whopper meal. (AED30 for any dessert, cake or cookie and coffee.)

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5. The burgers are pure magic - visit for these alone

There are six separate burger options, as well as a free-range grilled chicken and a veggie option.

I went for the MONTMARTRE prime beef - with 100% angus beef, arugula leaves, Reblochon cheese, carmelised onion and a sweet and spicy sauce.

This is a proper beef patty. The restaurant goes light on the seasoning and sauce intentionally to make it all about the beef. Cooked medium-to-well, the chef got it spot on, mine needed nothing else.

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4. The gloriously crispy fries

Your burger comes with the option of a side salad (served in an adorable jam-jar that's just made for the 'gram) or chips. I went for the chippies and to say they were gloriously golden and beautifully crunchy is no understatement.

Just LOOK.

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3. Not just for Dubai Mall visits- this spot delivers

What if you want a mid-week lunch or dinner fix and you don't have time to get to the mall?

Right now you'll find L'artisan Du Burger on Zomato and Uber Eats, with more delivery outlets potentially coming on board - watch this space!

2. The veggie options and salads

A special shoutout to the seriously tempting veggie burger, it comes with button mushrooms, feta cheese, parsley, lime zest, arugula leaves and red onions - even meat eaters will want to try this.

The quinoa salad comes topped with heaps of beetroot, a poached egg, baby spinach and sunflower seeds; (protein packed!) the prefect pre-workout munch.

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1. This is an international chain that works

This is not a new restaurant concept. There are already eight branches in France, (six alone in Paris if you ever find yourself in the French capital with a craving for a tender beef patty) and an expansion into the Middle East is a clear indication of a foodie concept done well. Bravo guys!

Find L’Artisan du Burger on the first floor of The Dubai Mall, opposite the ice rink

Call 04 294 4729 or see the L’Artisan du Burger website for more details

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