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Here’s How You Can Call A Stunning Rental ‘Home’ With ZERO Commitment

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Ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a beach-front home on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah? Step right up.

Maison Privee‘ has that option (and heaps more) and it’s the go-to when you need a luxurious rental, MINUS the hassle of a long term lease.

If you’re a commitment-phobe, and the idea of a year-long lease doesn’t sit well with you in the current climate, then this is ideal. In less peculiar times, it’s also handy if you’ve got family coming for a vacay, for business trips or simply for any stay over a couple of days.

Take a peek at Dubai’s incredible rentals here.

GOALS: Dreamy hand-picked accommodation in premium buildings live on Maison Privee

The best buildings, with fresh linen, views for days and every pad comes fully furnished

Some of the rentals here are PHENOMENAL. Think of it like walking into the types of homes you only see in interior magazines, they are that good.

Located in exclusive Dubai ‘hoods and in some of the most sought-after buildings; these rentals have the home-quality you just don’t find in hotels, they’re 100% private, super convenient and serviced by a licensed operator, based here in Dubai to sort any issues you may have.

Luxury for 45% LOWER than average rental costs

This is a no-brainer for anyone looking for short term apartment rentals and villa options in Dubai.

Bookmark Maison Privee in your head, and learn everything you need to know here.


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