There Is An 'Anti-Valentines' Brunch And It Might Just Be The Most Appropriate Themed Event In Dubai this Year

Don't dread the dreaded V-Day, celebrate with this FIVE hour brunch

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Gone are the days when singletons have to pretend to enjoy Valentine's Day, the day nauseating Facebook posts dominate news feeds and when it feels like everyone but you is in a relationship...because now McGettigan's JLT are giving us all a reason to actually enjoy the holiday, and it doesn't come in the form of an over-priced meal.

This year McGettigan's JLT is hosting an 'Anti-Valentine's' brunch, singletons will be out in force to celebrate the incredible value, non-holiday brunch taking place this Friday...this is everything you need to know:

The big brunch is taking place Friday, February 10 and it's five hours long

That's right, FIVE hours. Lose the run of yourself at Dubai's favourite Irish pub where the brunch deal includes a buffet, a la carte ordering options and limitless selected beverages for just AED 249. 

Plus you won't have to watch happy couples looking wistfully into each others' eyes. 

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Groups of eight guys and girls will get a discount of 20% when you book in advance

All the more reason to make a plan now. We all have that one friend who's too organised for their own good, get them on the job!

There's also a little Anti-Valentine's shindig taking place on the 14th

Because why stop at a brunch?! This one takes place at McGettigan's at the Madinat and ladies will be treated to four complimentary cocktails, with everything from bubbles and cocktails to grape and spirit mixers included. There's also a special menu for ladies on the night with menu options for just AED no need to dread the dreaded V-Day, McGettigan's is giving you plenty of reasons to celebrate.

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The important bits:

Open 12noon-2am daily, call  +971 4 37 80800 to make a reservation

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