McGettigan's Might Just Have Launched The Most Insane Friday Offer In Town...But We Love It

​Fun fact: there are just six months until St Paddy's Day.

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Fun fact: there are just six months until St Paddy's Day. 

Another fun fact: McGettigan's is Dubai's favourite Irish pub

One more fun fact: This weekend McGettigan's is doing a 'St Practice Day' as a warm up for St Paddy's. 

Seriously. It may sound ridiculous, outrageous, insane! But hey, any excuse for a party right? 

So basically, come dressed in your Shamrocking best, and ready to partyyyyy. 

Remember March's epic parties? 

Yeah, that, but now it's September and it's all happening AGAIN. 

It all starts (as all good stories do) with brunch

It's a FIVE HOUR brunch for AED249, so it kicks off at midday with live entertainment and everything being green. 

The pub will be decorated in all green, and everyone will be greening out, so you'd best get yours out too. 

Then, post-brunch, the Supernovas will be rocking the stage, with Irish star, Sean Gavin

For those authentic tunes.

AND get the after-brunch package that's unlimited house drinks for AED199, between 5-8pm. It's open to everyone over 21, so even if you can't make it to the brunch - you can come along for this brilliant package. 

Heck yes!

Jlt Band

There will be Irish dancing

Obvs. And various Irish performances throughout the whole day.

AND half-price deals on premium Irish beverages between 8-10pm.


The deets

It kicks off at midday at McGettigan's JLT. 

Brunch AED249 midday-5pm. 

Post-brunch packages are on offer AED199 5-8pm. 

Half-priced Irish premium drinks from 8-10pm. 

To book your table, email

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