There's Free Mexican Food For Everyone Who Turns Up To This Marina Opening Party

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There's only one thing in our beautiful world that beats insanely good Mexican food... and that's FREE insanely good Mexican food.... AMIRITE?!

If burritos and tacos are your jam, you can indulge in the comfort food of KINGS for free down at Dubai Marina Mall on Saturday, June 1.

Why? 'Cos the hugely popular San Franciscan style taco place Tortilla (there are already eight branches in the region) is having a little partayyy to celebrate the new branch launch, and on this day, dinner is on them!

Tortilla is about to be your Marina local and it's famous for serving up epic California-style burritos and tacos

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FREE burritos and tacos on June 1 for everyone!

Are you ready for something beautiful? If you're into burritos you'll know they need to be PACKED and Tortilla are all over this. Expect great fillings and toppings such as chargrilled chicken; barbacoa; chuck roll beef slow cooked for hours until it becomes fall-apart tender, erm yummmmmmm!

Anyone who visits the new Dubai Marina Mall branch will be treated to either a burrito, a burrito bowl (the equally delicious, but significantly healthier option) or tres tacos.

Dinner will be available from 7pm to 10pm - what are you waiting for?!

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The important bits

Tortilla is giving free dinner to everyone between 7pm and 10pm on Saturday, June 1

Find Tortilla on Level 2, Food Court, Dubai Marina Mall

Bowls for everyone!

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