You Can Get Free Drinks All Over Dubai Simply By Downloading This App

It's that easy...

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Ladies and gents, make space in your phone for Moonshine.

The nightlife app that gives you free drinks at bars across Dubai.

The app that gets you out of the house and visiting the trendiest clubs and bars in Dubai you've probably never visited before.

It's genius!

Download Moonshine to your phone now: here's what you're missing out on

Discover new spots, get free drinks, find out what's happening

The subscription app gives you the low-down on the Dubai nightlife scene

It includes the need-to-know about what's happening in Dubai and an awesome city events guide too.

But going out can be pricey right?

So Moonshine will sort you out with a free drink at every participating venue.

3 steps - Download, choose a venue, and put the bartender to work!

Get Moonshine on your phone now

The subscription-based service, can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

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Casey Fitzgerald

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