There's A New Juicy Festive Burger In Town That We Bet Will Ruin You For All Other Burgers

This one burger to beat em all!

Elr Burger Mi

It's a truth universally acknowledged that while the premise of a burger is actually pretty simple, doing them well is definitely an art!

Which is why we have got to hand it to the guys at Emirates Leisure Retail for introducing a special festive burger that's so finger-lickin' good, it's fit for Santa himself.

Introducing the Son of a Nutcracker Burger

CAUTION: Before you proceed further you might wanna grab a snack, because your tummy is about to grumble. 

First off, the base of this ginormous burger is a soft and nice bread filled with a generous helping of some delish Angus beef in the middle. Add to it some white like snow creamy slaw, rich cheddar cheese and a dash of cranberry jam, buttered mayo and lashings of gravy, and you've got yourself a drool-worthy treat.

The party doesn't end here....

Layered on top is a tasty stuffing surprise which has been sandwiched between two chicken sausages in blankets. 

Just look at this glorious monstrosity....


An ultimate festive feast...


It might as well be a full Christmas dinner in itself...


The 'Son of a Nutcracker' is a thing of beauty...

Important info to remember

This festive burger is available at multiple outlets such as Mr Toads Pub & Kitchen (Premier Inn), Jacks Bar & Grill (Dubai International), Draft House (Dubai International), Bidi Bondi (Palm Jumeirah), Left Bank (Madinat) and Après (Mall of the Emirates) for JUST AED 75

If this doesn't put you in food coma, then we don't know what will!

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Nikita Mukherjee

Being fairly new to Dubai, Nikita is still trying to find that perfect crème brulee. She loves buying cakes for no reason and then complaining about gaining weight in the same breath. She is obsessed with books, memes, pant suits and desserts—in no particular order. When not writing, she’s busy sleuthing unsolved cases on the internet.