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Doing This One Thing You Already Do Every Day Can Actually Help People In Need

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We live in the desert, and it gets pretty hot- therefore we know hydration is key.

Many water brands are in the UAE, and as consumers, we don’t usually look at the difference between these brands. We tend to just choose the best price, or most convenient.

But perhaps, it’s time to switch up that notion.

Oasis, a highly-trusted local water brand that has been around since 1984, is doing a lot more than just selling water. And you might be interested to know why this affects all of us. Not only is it already one of the cheapest water brands in the market, but Oasis has also been doing its part for the community in the best way possible.

Why switch?

This brand is very eco-conscious, in the sense that it uses solar energy, light packaging and their bottles are all 100% recyclable- to reduce their impact on the environment.

You too can take part and serve the community- ‘Together For Good’, and here’s how.

1. With every bottle of water you buy, Oasis donates clean drinking water to those in need

Under their ‘Drink Water, Give Water’ initiative- countries in need of clean, drinking water are being given just that thanks to proceeds made with purchased water bottles.

So think about the contribution and change you’re helping make instead of an otherwise ‘quick’ decision.

2. Share long life food products and Oasis will help deliver ’em

Foods with the longest shelf life: like honey, white rice, salt and whole wheat grains are welcome for donation in all the Oasis donation bins. In partnership with the UAE Food Bank, this incredible initiative aims to put a smile on peoples’ faces by ensuring that they have food essentials throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

If you’re interested in helping, you can leave behind the foodie items by dropping them off in select supermarkets across the country. In turn, the water brand will deliver it to those in need.


You can find out more details about this on their IG and FB handles.

3. Help pack iftar boxes throughout the rest of the month!

Alongside Oasis’ wonderful donation of water, there will be 93,000 iftar boxes handed out throughout Ramadan.

CRAZY, I know!

There will be people on-ground, helping pack and distribute the boxes.

Want to take part?

Volunteer and join Oasis with the packing of boxes on select dates throughout Ramadan.

You can do this by messaging Our Oasis on FB or Instagram.

Drinking water has never felt so good!

Helping others has never been easier, all you have to do is switch to Oasis water.

You’ll at least know your money will towards the greater good.

Buy your Oasis water in stores or call 600-5222-61 (with free delivery)!

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