5 Ways You Can Live Like A Sultan In The UAE

Let tradition enchant you

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Dubai has become known for its modernity and being a very fast paced city. 

Constant innovation and futuristic thinking is commonplace so the beauty and endearment of the traditional can sometimes be forgotten.

While we love how Dubai is constantly innovating, sometimes it's nice to take a look back on the past and appreciate the old luxe and enchantment of traditional Arabic culture.

So treat yourself to some old Arabic glamour and luxury and live like a Sultan right here in Dubai.

1. Visit Dubai's Souks

Dubai is home to many souks and what better place to really get a sense of traditional Dubai.

With the traditional spices and oud filling the air, gold sparkling in the sunlight and beautiful handmade textiles draped everywhere you're transported to a time amongst the merchants and Sultans of a past Arabic world.

Take your pick from the traditional Gold Souk, Perfume Souk, Spice Souk or the Textile Souk.

Shop like a Sultan!


2. Indulge in some traditional Arabic food

Arabs know how to eat and they know how to serve a meal even better!

Dubai is home to some of the best Arabic food on offer.

Indulge in meaty shwarma, sour tabboule, sweet kunafa, juicy mixed grills, fresh Manakeesh. The list is endless.

Find it all and more at Qasr Al Sultan with their range of dining options including the private 'Sultan's Table' enjoying and extravagant meal prepared by your own personal chef while your personal butler tends to your needs.

Treat your tastebuds to a culinary journey fit for a royal!

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3. Admire stunning Arabic architecture and design

The rich colours and textiles of Arabic interior is only outdone by the bold and grand architecture seen across the Arab world.

Imagine deep colours, beautifully woven textiles, traditional ceramics, sophisticated designs and luxurious Arabian touches to make you feel like you're a Sultan living in an Arabian palace.

The suites and villas at Qasr Al Sultan will immerse you in an Arabian dream for the night. With a person butler, private jacuzzis and gardens and beautiful Majlis seating areas its the perfect escape from the city for a glimpse of Arabian luxury.

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4. Explore the desert

The vast expanse of the desert is the perfect place to channel your inner Sultan.

Explore the wide open spaces,  climb over giant sand dunes, ride a camel into the sunset.

What could be more authentically Arabian and deserving of a Sultan than exploring the beautiful views of Dubai desert? 

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5. Be amazed by a traditional Arabic show

The Middle East has some of the most enchanting and spectacular traditional entertainment on offer.

Let belly dancers enchant you.

Watch as the traditional Tanoura dance may leave you feeling dizzy but in awe.

Or join in with the lively and energetic Danke Dance performed at particularly joyous occasions.

The people of the Arabic world will always find a reason to celebrate with family and good friends, and everyone is always welcome.

Sit back, relax (or join in), and be entertained as Sultans once were. 

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