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9 Things You Need To Know About Arabic Hospitality And Why It’s The Best In The World

Generous hospitality is one that is not only admirable, but it is also considered as a sacred duty to Arabs. 

Being one of the most outstanding features of Arab customs, Arabic hospitality is one of the most desirable and loved in the world.

Almost every Arab you will ever meet will make sure that you are greeted and put under their wing no matter the personal cost, so here are nine things you need to know about Arabic hospitality and why it's the best in the world.

1. As a guest, you will always come first

With hosts greeting you with the warmest Marhaba, and the biggest smile, they'll make sure that you receive the best treatment they have to offer.

2. Your host will never stop feeding you

From refilling your cup of Qahwa and offering you fruits, dry fruits and dates until you've had beyond enough - all for the sake of generosity!

3. Every dinner is magnificent 

If you're invited to an Arabic home for dinner, prepare yourself. A lamb is almost always slaughtered and served in the honour of the guests and cooked to perfection.

4. And every meal is huge

There is no such thing as a three-course meal with Arabs, so make sure to fast two days in advance - as the supply of food never ends!

5. They care about your preferences

All your preferences are always taken into consideration to make sure guests are comfortable. Whether it's a healthy alternative, or your specific drink... it'll be waiting for you.

6. Your comfort is their biggest concern

One of the best things about Arabic hospitality is making sure

7. Entertainment is important!

Making sure you're having the time of your life and constantly smiling is super important.

8. You become part of the family

No matter your age, religion or ethnicity, you will always be taken in as their own - no matter where in the world you are!

9. At the end of it, you'll never want to leave

Without a doubt, one of the greatest forms of hospitality seeps from the Arab nation. And by the ends of it, you'll definitely never want to leave!

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