Answer These Foodie Questions And We'll Tell You Which Sushi Roll You Are

Avocado nigiri, tuna and salmon- based on your personality, which one are you?


Salmon, tuna, California, cucumber or even Chips Oman- there are endless options to sushi rolls!

That's one of the MANY reasons, so many of us love them.

If you're big on sushi, then you've undoubtedly heard of Yo! Sushi. Known for its conveyor belt approach, where diners get unlimited options to grab and bite whichever sashimi, sushi or appetiser dishes they want, has introduced 10 NEW menu items and they are!

So if you're curious to find out which sushi roll best fits your foodie persona, take the quiz below!

Head on out to any Yo! Sushi branch to taste the flava you got

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