7 Reasons Why You Need To Make A Day Trip To Fujairah ASAP

It's the new year. Try something different

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It's the new year. But as we all know, resolutions are easier said than done. However, if trying new things or getting active was part of your inner-mantra for the new year, a day trip to a nearby Emirate is the easy, fun way to start.

Fujairah is the only one of the UAE's seven Emirates not located on the Arabian Gulf and because of this the landscape looks a lot different than what we're used to here in Dubai. Set amongst the beautiful, imposing Hajar mountains, the Emirate is surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Oman. There is much to see and do, particularly for the outdoorsy types and culture vultures among us. Planning a day trip? Here's what you should get up to:

1. Visit the oldest mosque in the region

20 miles North of Fujairah, you'll find Al-Bidyah Mosque. An excavation of the surrounding area shows the area was inhabited 4,000 years ago which makes it the earliest proof of Islam in the UAE. It still holds daily prayers and the mosque itself is believed to be over 500 years old and consists of a main fort and a well.

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2. Take a snorkelling trip out to Snoopy Island

Swim or rent a kayak and paddle your way out (it's about 250 metres) to the now famous Snoopy Island, which is surrounded by crystal clear waters and is the home to a variety of colourful fish, and even some sea turtles.

3. View the oldest Fort in the UAE

Built in the 17th Century, Fujairah Fort is located in the Northwest side of the old Fujairah village. The oldest fort in the UAE, it survived an attack from the British in the 20th century and has recently been thoroughly restored to cater for tourists. In the past it has served as a defensive post and as a home for the royal family.

4. Explore Bedouin life at Fujairah Museum

Located right next to Fujairah Fort, you can hit two birds with one stone and easily visit both of these landmarks in the same day. History buffs will appreciate the 3,000 artifacts on display, with exhibits including weapons from the Bronze and Iron Age and many examples illustrating Bedouin life.

5. Relax on the beautiful beaches

Because the coast of Fujairah sits on the Gulf of Oman, the beach landscape is very different to Dubai. We've already mentioned snorkelling, but the best scuba spots are found here too, and due to less tourists, the beaches in Fujairah are quieter than the beaches in Dubai. 

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6. Go in search of a wadi

There are a couple of beautiful wadis (a valley filled with water) located in Fujairah amongst the Hajar mountains. However, the popular Wadi al-Wurayah (only 2 km from Al-Bidiyah mosque) is currently under construction and the less popular wadis are hard to navigate, so right now a guided tour company might be the best to help you on your way. Try these guys.

7. Stock up on your way home

You've done the outdoorsy stuff, now get the practicalities out of the way. The Cellars is an off licence located next to the Tennis & Country Club Fujairah and a licence is not needed to purchase here. The prices are MUCH cheaper than stores in Dubai and it's located next to a Mcgettigan's so you can stock up and then pop in for burger on your way home. Sorted.

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