Samsung Has Been Surprising People All Over The UAE And Their Reactions Are Simply PRICELESS!

And here's where you could win one this weekend


If you want serious happy feels today, scroll down.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has landed in the UAE and in ultimate celebration mode, the Samsung Crew have been popping up ALL OVER TOWN and literally surprising people with a gift of a new device.

Eh, how amazing is that?!

They hit uni campuses, supermarkets and even interrupted a movie-screening, and it's fair to say the reaction of the people is pure class. Feeling jealous? Scroll to see where the Samsung Crew will be located THIS WEEKEND.

This 19-second clip is simply the CUTEST

Supermarket shoppers had quite possibly the surprise of their lives this week. There were tears, and anyone lucky enough to choose cashier number ten walked home with the unreal prize of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10. This is amazing!

The people are HERE for the mega #GalaxyOfSurprises.

This is what happened to UAE peeps who THOUGHT they were going to a regular movie screening

No-one expected to see this.

Imagine watching a movie when there's a sudden glitch. Hooded figures trickled into theatres at both Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall and watch below how it played out.

The best part?

Two people walked away with a Samsung Galaxy S10, and ALL OTHERS in the venue found envelopes under their seats with exclusive vouchers... So slick!

The jealousy is real!

When the Galaxy Crew turned up at a UAE stadium

Watch for the part the Galaxy Crew put on an entire performance, and not just that, lucky winners walked home with the best phone on the market.

We're sensing a trend here!

Folks, brace yourselves: YOU COULD BE NEXT

Samsung has been all over the UAE surprising people with hands down the most coveted phone on the market right now.

But it's not over yet.

Samsung is TAKING OVER the Dubai Ice Rink at Dubai Mall during the weekend and TEN people will walk home with the dreamy Samsung Galaxy S10.

Setting up camp at Dubai Mall to win the Samsung Galaxy S10 like...

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