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This App Will Let You Control All Your Home Appliances From One Place

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In the last few years, products launches have done a full 180 turn and buzz about new tech is always headline-grabbing.

Why? Because the shift in the role technology plays in our lives has become major… and people are obsessed with cool tech! Smart phones are now simply ingrained in our day-to-day lives, where you probably can’t imagine life without one and people are always on the look out for the next big thing.

This shift comes from the innovators and technological pioneers, and when word gets out that a brand is bringing something new to the market, people pay attention.

Right now, an internet whirlwind is erupting around Siemens Home Appliances, a brand known for its futuristic technology… and the teasers suggest something big is about to be revealed.

Teasers are coming hard and fast via memes and the internet is tasked with answering these every-day questions

This appeared on Siemens Home Appliances Middle East ‘gram feed. Any guesses for what it might mean?

Screenshot 2019 06 02 14 15 37

It’s all extremely intriguing

Screenshot 2019 06 02 14 17 45

The social media posts are asking you questions you’ve asked yourselves a million times

And the big reveal is coming soon.

Screenshot 2019 06 02 14 18 35

The excitement is real!

Stay tuned for the big reveal.

P.S. The Home Connect App is live and you can even take a demo to see all the things you can do with it!

Super cool.

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