Bring Back Great Memories And Enjoy Amazing Easter Celebrations With Spinneys

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Come Easter Sunday, kids (and adults) across Dubai will be eggs-citedly cracking into choccie eggs.

It's the holiday that brings back great childhood memories... whether it's too much chocolate, the warm smell of hot cross buns or big family get togethers where a roast dinner with all the trimmings is the main event.

These are traditions that never go out of style and you can recreate a homely Easter starting with your prep; stock up on fresh, seasonal produce and all the extra Easter goodies that take you back to waking up on Easter morning as a kid.

Spinneys have outdone themselves with a fantastic range of products for the holiday this year:

This Easter wake your home up to the smell of warm hot cross buns

Mmmmm hot cross buns; the sweet pastries with raisins inside and a cross on top are an Easter tradition that dates back to the 1700s.

While chocolate is the treat that immediately comes to mind when celebrating Easter, your holiday simply wouldn't be complete without these warm pastries that are baked fresh daily. Pop them in a hot oven to warm 'em up and have the smell of freshly baked pastry wafting through your home - and it'll cost you only AED9.95 for a pack of six!

While you're there, stock on the adorable Easter cupcakes, six come in a pack for just AED19.95.

Hosting a party?

Buying meat can be a tricky business in the UAE, especially if the source is not clear, which is why Spinneys should be your go-to for fresh goods.

The store has a reputation among residents for delivering quality produce, so if you're planning to host, look no further than this fresh meat selection.

There's also a 'fresh catch' section, where you can stock up on whole Scottish salmon for AED69 per kg. This is ideal for a dinner party!

Raise your hand if you grew up with Thorntons chocolate

Nothing spells out Easter like a Thorntons bunny, and you can get a range of chocolate from the British chocolate company AND Cadbury bunnies at Spinneys right now.

Alternatively, go for some of the quirkier options; 'avo choco egg anyone?!

Celebrate the magical holiday with loved ones

Pick up great Easter bits, deck out your table with baby-chicks, plush toys, sweet treats and pastries and you can do your one-stop-shop for quality products at Spinneys.

The important bits

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