A New Local Streetwear Brand Is Creating Buzz With The MOST Slick Bomber Jackets

2018 will be a big year for this UAE brand

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Local UAE is the brand new urban streetwear creating a buzz for its edgy and distinct designs.

The brand is all about streetwear, contemporary styles and vibrant prints that are all on point with the latest trends. It's high quality and we LOVE that it's 100% made within the UAE.

Here's what you need to know

(And, most importantly, how you can get your hands on some using a discount thrown in too...)

It's a 100% local brand; everything from the design, printing and even sewing…It’s all done right here in the UAE

Their bomber jackets are LIFE (and ideal for the weather RN)

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While the variety of t-shirts is simply class!

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The online store has JUST GONE LIVE!

This is brill news for you. Local UAE went live on January 1 and you can get your hands on the pieces right now through the website.

Better yet; there's a 5% discount if you simply use the code 'LovinLocal' when making your purchase on the website here.

Happy shopping folks!

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And we saved the best till last

There's free delivery anywhere in the UAE, and their Cash On Delivery service is a major bonus!

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