5 Reasons Why Talabat Is Hands Down The Best Food Ordering Service In Dubai

There's some tough competition out there...

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DARE we suggest that we've found the best online food ordering service in the UAE? Certainly there is huge competition, so to find the best one you've got to look at a whole range of variables. (I know this sounds serious people, but when we're talking about food, it IS serious!) 

You need to look at cost, variety, reliability, quality of customer service, functionality of website/app and then come to a conclusion....

So drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee:

The best food ordering service in Dubai right now has got to be Talabat! Here are the five primary reasons why:

Tal App

1. They've got literally every type of cuisine, restaurant and take out available 

No joke, EVERY type. (Although it makes decisions harder, it's nice to know you've got ALL of the options at the touch of a button.) The outlets are all categorized into helpful sections, like Arabic, Asian, burgers, desserts, Mandi, Indian Shawarma & Doner... Yep you read that right, there's lists JUST for burgers. This is our type of people.

What Do I Choose Too Many Options

2. There are ALWAYS discounts and offers going on

Click onto the Talabat website right now and the homepage shows up a number of different discounts. Unlike other premium delivery companies who are charging double for a similar service, Talabat is continuously providing discounts and keeping costs down for the consumer. So Us + Talabat = Cheaper food...Winning!

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3. You can order using their user-friendly app or from their website

You need an app if you're going to compete with the food service industry, so of course Talabat has got one. Super easy to navigate, this app will be your best friend (and your worst, when you realise how quickly you can get your hands on some KFC) 

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4. Talabat features loads of restaurants that operate 24/7

Because who knows when a craving will strike! Log in at any hour of the day and you'll find a variety options, to satisfy the night owls among us. 

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5. It's worryingly simple (and there are plenty of healthy options!)

Worrying because WHY would you spend time in the kitchen when you've got all of these great options available?! And we're not just talking about the bad stuff, Talabat has a whole section catered to healthy food delivery available in your area too. 

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