10 Amazingly Useful Things You Need To Get For Your Home RIGHT NOW

It’s a valid excuse to go shopping

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If you’re thinking you’re going to invest in some cool and funky stuff only when you move to a new house…it’s a shame!

Our question to you is: why wait?

If you had problems like amazing household items aren’t available in the city or it’s way too expensive or it’s not unique enough then we understand (and accept) your decision to save the Dirhams. BUT when you have Pylones at not one, but TWO locations in Dubai (read: The Dubai Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall)…you have no valid excuse. Like really no excuse!

1. Let your morning begin on a high note with these angel wings cups


2. Bring some colour to the tea table with this sugar pourer

T Sug Pu

3. Ditch the boring ol’ kettle for a printed one instead

Ket2 Scale

4. A breakfast of eggs is incomplete without slices of bread toasted in this pretty toaster

Baguettin Orchid

5. Cover the tea and it will be just as hot when you’re back

Bienauchaud Canard

6. Homemade salads deserve to be served with these adorable servers


7. A bowl with a lid is a kitchen necessity especially when it’s this cute

Sug Fish

8. If you’re a fan of boiled eggs, make sure you have it only in this holder

Egg Cup Pir

9. An Italian meal is incomplete without oil and balsamic. This piece holds them both

Bob Black White

10. The towel holder doubles up as a cute kitchen showpiece

Porte Rouleaux Chef3

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