10 Awesome Gadgets You Need For Your Office To Help You Beat The Midday Slump

Move over boring stationery

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Most of us put our heart and soul into doing up our house. We buy the cutest stuff for our shelves, walls and every other corner. And then there’s our workspace that’s bare, boring and…

Forgot what it is. Let’s concentrate on what we can make it. A few quirky things on the desk can change it for the better (read: way better). Don’t stress! It doesn’t involve a mall marathon. One shop (aka Pylones) has it all.

Meet the stuff with that kind of power:

1. A business card holder to pack in all the cards before a networking event

Business Card Holder 4

2. A folder to make sure you don’t lose any documents that could cost you your job

Fld Lbi

3. A designated space for your mobile phone 

Multi Holder

4. A notebook to doodle when you don’t want to work

Note Pad 2

5. A pen because electronic signatures aren't everything

Pen 2

6. A power bank - not optional but extremely essential these days

Pylones Power Bank

7. A pair of scissors that can’t get any cooler than this

Scr S Bl3

8. A stapler that’s easily identifiable (stationery stealers beware)

Stapler 1

9. A tape dispenser because there’s nothing more annoying than those silly transparent handheld ones

Tape Dispenser

10. A USB that you’ll never lose because it will be sitting steady on your desk 

Usb 1

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