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The New Novo Cinema At IMG Parks Just Might Be The Most EXTRA Place To See A Movie

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get more extra in Dubai, NOVO Cinemas opens up a 7-star cinema that looks nothing like your average theatre and EVERYTHING like the cosmic future.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the beauty that is the new NOVO Cinemas, with a Jetsons-like feel that will completely CHANGE the way you watch new movies with friends, a date- or alone (if you roll that way, no judgements.)

I mean… if this isn’t GOALS, we don’t know what is

This FAB cinema is located at IMG World of Adventures, an indoor amusement park that is the first mega-themed entertainment destination of its kind.

Do a twofer by watching a movie in the most EPIC way and then end the day with some erratic fun at the theme park. Or vice-versa.

It’s the BEST of both worlds.

Or if you’re a dedicated cinema-goer who doesn’t want to be distracted, you’ll be thrilled to know that NOVO has its very own dedicated entrance that is separate from IMG.

This is the largest IMAX theatre in Dubai- what have you!

Is it going to transport us into 2090?

Who knows.

BOUJEE movie-watching and never worry about a parking space again

…since the place is FILLED with loads of parking slots.

Just how you’d like it, hassle-free.

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