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Plastic Crisis: One Company Is Going Above And Beyond To Fight For Our Planet

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When at the mall and selecting your primer, foundation or body lotion- we don’t often think of the consequences that come with the choices we make.

Sifting through products in bottles, without thinking of the lack of recycling that should take place once you’re finished with the product- is one of the major flaw in society that we’ve all been guilty of, at least once or twice.

Another issue is that due to this convenience, and ease of purchase/lack of awareness- we tend to support brands that generate lots of income at the expense of the world’s environmental suffering.

But not this brand- which has always stuck to its roots of wanting to make a difference

The Body Shop UAE has been known to cater to the world even before the current vegan trends and increased information on the plastic was a bit of an ‘Internet trend.’

From the start, the brand has ensured that it bring in safe, cruelty-free products to the table and recycling too.But it has now taken things to another level, thanks to its new Community Trade Plastic initiative.

3 BILLION people in the world don’t actually have a formal waste management system

…(which means people are being given those jobs)

India has 1.5 million waste pickers, who work all hours of the day to segregate trash and sort out plastic that could, otherwise, pollute rivers and oceans.

The Body Shop UAE has gone the extra mile with its Community Trade Plastic initiative, by using pre-existing plastic responsibly- through their products and beyond.

The company has teamed up with waste pickers in India, each with an inspiring story, in order to save the planet- which essentially saves us- its people.

So inspiring! Supporting brands like this means sending a message to ALL the other large corps to TAKE action

After all, big companies are one of the main reasons that the plastic crisis exists.

More demand means more production and more production is more waste.

By supporting brands like The Body Shop, who want to make a difference in the world- you’re generally sending a message out to others, and you’re showing that the people demand less AND better.

Waste pickers in India are being empowered, through this collaboration, and given deserving- and the world?

Well, if we keep this up- it’ll get better.

The Recycling program is back- so don’t throw those empty containers just yet!

Return empty tubs, tubes and pots in all stores and The Body Shop UAE will recycle and repurpose them.

Amazing? YESSS, indeed.

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