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This Is The Most Mental Way You Can Spend A Wednesday Night And It's A Total Hoot

You could say...it's BONKERS

Wednesdays are the glorious downhill slope to the weekend, and so are best enjoyed out, with friends for a few laughs. 

Making Bonkers Bingo the PERFECT place to hit on a Wednesday evening. 

This hilarious night will have you in fits of laughter, eyebrow-raising awe, and hopefully going home with some epic prizes. 

Hosted by funnyman, Layne Redman from the get-go you'll be laughing as he makes his entrance to Bonkers by Dizzy Rascal (what else?)

Bingo is no longer for the retirees, grannies and oldies - Bonkers Bingo is unlike any bingo you have ever seen. 


You'll be given your bingo dabber, and sheets for each round - and tensions are high as the numbers are called

If you're the winner, the Societe police officer will come around to make sure you haven't been cheating 

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Pray for a tie-breaker round, for a rip-roaring battle for the winning spot - like a dance off, or lip-sync battle between the two contenders

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There are LOADS of prizes

From bathrobes, to bags of rice, junk from Dragonmart to hugely valuable winnings like a motorised scooter or an industry-grade karaoke machine/speaker.

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If you're thirsty, there are plenty of special drink deals happening to save you cash

AND if you are hungry, they're usually giving out free pizza, or doughnuts or something else deliciously random. 

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And it's frickin FREE to attend! What have you got to lose? 

It all kicks off on Wednesdays from 8pm, get down there this week and win yourself some prizes! 

Written By

Caitlyn Davey

Caitlyn is an Aussie journalist looking to change the world. In her spare time she loves playing sport, travelling and basically doing anything that means she doesn't have to sit still.