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This Regal Escape From The Rest Of The City Is The Best Way To Spend The Eid Holiday

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There’s a four-day holiday coming up for Eid al Adha, that not only includes the public but the private sector too.

Eid in Dubai usually means spending time with family, or traveling to distant places together, but for most of us this also means the city will get loud, hyped up and a little too extra.

Not that it’s a bad thing, of course.

But how about a royal escape into the unknown for a change?

DUKES THE PALM is not only situated on one of the greatest ‘staycay escape’ destinations in the city but is also designed to feel like a royal hideaway of sorts

Think Megan Markle and Prince Harry, except mingled with that cosmopolitan luxe-life and you get the ambience of DUKES THE PALM, a Royal Hideaway!

The Palm is known for having exquisite views of the sun, sky and sea- making every establishment and hotel around it instantly feel like a whole different vibe from the rest of Dubai.

DUKES THE PALM, will have you unwinding and tanning by the sea, and catching up on a book you’ve been dying to read.

Or how ’bout sipping on refreshing bevvies with your group of friends?

Whatever it is, this hotel’s got its own pristine private beach, so worrying about being out in the open is the LEAST of your worries. Plus, hotel guests get free access to the pool and beach- along with awesome discounts!


Who needs travel? This feels like a trip to Seychelles but with a more home-y feel

If, of course, your home was designed to the nines.

Walking into this luxury hotel feels a little like entering Kensington Palace, with all the gold accents, spacious halls and the grandeur of the service.

Your ‘gram will thank you and your fans will ask you where you went this holiday, because just LOOK at the FAB-yoo-lous interiors and exteriors of this place.

Your kids are also covered with the Dukes’ kids club that feels every child’s dream!

Boredom? Never heard of it, cus even the little ones will be swarmed by entertainment thanks to the exclusive Kids Club designed just for them.

TV, art stations, play pens, slides- there’s a myriad of things to do guaranteeing that you TOO can enjoy a few moments of relaxation while the kids are at play.

Don’t sleep on this new spot because something tells us it’s going to be the NEXT best thing

Afternoon teas, delightful spa treatments, an array of rooms to choose from, BBQ Fridays, and incredible restaurants like Khyber and the all-American West 14 Steakhouse.

Even die-hard gym goers won’t be disappointed by the facilities Dukes has prepped

Weights, and all the modern equipment you need to get those gainzzz or shed the holiday weight- all right here.

That’s why it’s such an escape, everything is already here.


Book yourself a staycayy and forget ’bout all your troubles!

Book NOW for awesome rates for the upcoming Eid al Adha holiday.

P.S. Hurry cus slots might be filled quick.

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