Here Are 10 Pictures Of The One Dubai Bachelor EVERY Guy Wants To Be

The guys want to be him, the ladies want to be seen with him

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Bear with us for a sec...

One guy is LIVING. IT. LARGE in Dubai every night of the week, and if he wasn't so crazy cool we would probably have to hate him.

Who is this mystery man you ask?

He gets down at the LITTEST club every night of the week, DREAM. Girls jump over themselves to nab a selfie with him. GOALS; and the club goes OFF THE HOOK whenever he appears; YAAAAAAAS, the guys want to be him, the ladies want to be seen with him because...

Frank is basically the man (well, bear)

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The crowd goes INSANE when he turns up

Catch Frank at Toy Room for some serious partying

Not everyone could handle this life that's for sure

But someone's gotta do it....

Need applications for a mate Frank? We're available

A hero among men - everyone has a soft spot for the club's naughty mascot

Toy Room is ALL about the nights you won't remember with the friends you won't forget

Cos we all just want a cuddle, right?!

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to be in this bear's position

And Frank loves us as much as we love him

BANGING tunes, KILLER vibes and SLEEPLESS nights await...BUZZING for this!

Counting down the hoursssss

Check out Toy Room's weekly events: Hip-Hop with FRANK on Mondays (Ladies unlimited drinks until 1am) - We Are Toy Room on Wednesdays with Dj Bliss and friends, Go Frank Yourself on Thursdays and TOYROOM Fridays on Friday. PUMPED!

How you can party with the bear himself

For Toy Room reservations and more information please call or whatsapp +971 52 463 3338

or email on

Walk-ins welcome!

Dress code: Dress up! Fashion/chic

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